JAC 3 ton Flatbed Tow Tuck

● Application of JAC 3 ton Flatbed Tow Tuck

1. Road wrecker (also called tow truck, breakdown truck, recovery truck, breakdown lorry, wrecker, police rescue truck, flatbed tow truck, boom truck, wheel-lift wrecker ) is used to transport motor vehicles.

2. Also be used for transporting vehicles that are broken down.

● Advantages of JAC 3 ton Flatbed Tow Tuck

1. Top brand chassis in China;

2. Spare parts can be supplied all the time;

3. OEM ability,can produce according to your demand, material, size, color and logo are optional for you;

4. Fast delievery: usually we can delievery at 20days after getting deposit.

● Features of JAC 3 ton Flatbed Tow Tuck

1. Classic cabin, small wind resistance;

2. With aire conditioner and more comfortable;

3. Wider cargo box, six speed transmission;

4. Air-cut brake, power steering.

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